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HSCC 2003: Accepted Papers

Title Authors
A Greedy Approach to Identification of Piecewise Affine Models A. Bemporad, A. Garulli, S. Paoletti, A. Vicino
A Hoare Logic for Single-Input Single-Output continuous-time control systems Richard Boulton Ruth Hardy Ursula Martin
Approximate Reachability for Linear Systems Ashish Tiwari
Approximate Stabilisation of Uncertain Hybrid Systems Yan Gao, John Lygeros, Marc Quincampoix, Nicolas Seube
Automated Symbolic Reachability Analysis; with Application to Delta-Notch Signaling Automata Ronojoy Ghosh, Ashish Tiwari, Claire Tomlin
Automatic Verification of a Turbogas Control System with the Murphi Verifier Giuseppe Della Penna, Benedetto Intrigila, Igor Melatti, Michele Minichino, Ester Ciancamerla, Andrea Parisse, Enrico Tronci, Marisa Venturini Zilli
Conditions of Optimal Classification for Piecewise Affine Regression Giancarlo Ferrari-Trecate, Michael Schinkel
Constrained Hybrid Control of Parabolic PDEs Nael H. El-Farra and Panagiotis D. Christofides
Efficient Mode Enumeration of Compositional Hybrid Models Tobias Geyer, Fabio Danilo Torrisi, Manfred Morari
Efficient Representation and Computation of Reachable Sets for Hybrid Systems Olaf Stursberg Bruce H. Krogh
Estimation of Distributed Hybrid Systems Using Particle Filtering Methods Xenofon Koutsoukos, James Kurien, and Feng Zhao
Event Prediction for Switching Linear Systems with time varying Thresholds using Orthogonal Functions A. Kwiatkowski G. Lichtenberg
Hybrid Control Design for a Wheeled Mobile Robot Thomas Bak, Jan Bendtsen and Anders P. Ravn
Hybrid Control of an Automotive Robotized Gearbox for Reduction of Consumptions and Emissions A. Bemporad, P. Borodani, M. Mannelli
Hybrid Modeling and Simulation of Genetic Regulatory Networks: A Qualitative Approach Hidde de Jong, Jean-Luc GouzÚ, CÚline Hernandez, Michel Page, Tewfik Sari Johannes Geiselmann
Hybrid Modelling and Control of Power Electronics Matthew Senesky, Gabriel Eirea, T. John Koo
Mode Reconstruction for Source Coding and Multi-Modal Control Adam Austin and Magnus Egerstedt
Model checking LTL over controllable linear systems is decidable Paulo Tabuada and George J. Pappas
Modeling and Control of SMT Manufacturing Lines Using Hybrid Dynamic Systems Leandro G. Barajas, Abhinav Saxena, Ashish Kansal, and Magnus B. Egerstedt
Modeling the electrical activity of a neuron by a continuous and piecewise linear hybrid system Jean-Guillaume Dumas and Aude Rondepierre
Modelling, well-posedness and stability of switched electrical networks W.P.M.H. Heemels, M.K. Camlibel, A.J. van der Schaft and J.M. Schumacher
Multi-Object Adaptive Cruise Control Rainer M÷bus, Mato Baotic
Observability of Linear Hybrid Systems Rene Vidal, Alessandro Chiuso, Stefano Soatto and Shankar Sastry
On Systematic Simulation of Open Continuous Systems Jim Kapinski, Oded Maler, Olaf Stursberg and Bruce Krogh
On the application of hybrid control to CPU Reservations Luigi Palopoli, Luca Abeni, Giuseppe Lipari
On the Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems: Optimization of Trajectories, Switching Times and Location Schedules M. Shahid Shaikh and Peter E. Caines
Progress on Reachability Analysis of Hybrid Systems using Predicate Abstraction Rajeev Alur Thao Dang Franjo Ivancic
Qualitative Heterogeneous Control of Higher Order Systems Subramanian Ramamoorthy and Benjamin J Kuipers
Reachability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems Using Conservative Approximation Eugene Asarin, Thao Dang, and Antoine Girard
Reachability Questions in Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes Manuela L.Bujorianu and John Lygeros
Results and Perspectives on Computational Methods for Optimal Control of Switched Systems Xuping Xu and Panos J. Antsaklis
Safety Verification of Model Helicopter Controller using Hybrid Input/Output Automata Sayan Mitra, Yong Wang, Nancy Lynch, and Eric Feron
Stabilization of LTI Systems with Quantized State - Quantized Input Static Feedback Bruno Picasso and Antonio Bicchi
The Phi-calculus: A language for distributed control of reconfigurable embedded systems William C. Rounds Hosung Song
Universality and language inclusion for open and closed timed automata Joel Ouaknine and James Worrell

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